Why Blogging Is Important For SEO

Blogging and writing can sometimes be a real chore but it can play an important part in SEO and building traffic to your website. Most clients don’t want to be bothered with having to write new content for their website on a daily, weekly, monthly or regular basis but it does have its benefits.

Generally the more you update your blog, the more traffic you’re going to get from Google, Yahoo and Bing. Think of each blog post you make as an SEO optimized doorway page to your site. Statistics have shown that blogging brings:

  • More traffic
  • More customers/leads
  • More indexed pages in the search engines
  • More inbound links to your site from other sites

Blogging brings your site a lot of the benefits of hiring someone to do search engine optimization and if you hired me one of the things I’m going to strongly suggest is a blog type section on your website.

Blogging also shows the search engines that your site has been updated, which means it gets crawled and indexed more often.

Quality content adds long term value to your website.

Content Is King

If you’re trying to get good search rankings you’re going to need good content and plenty of it. A lot of the higher ranked Google pages have 1,000 words or more of original relative text.

Small websites with no authority and sparse content can’t expect to rank as high in the search results as well established sites with a lot of content and a lot of authority. Blogging is your chance to build up your authority and add content to your site.

Don’t go out and start posting low quality content on your site just to be blogging. It takes a little time and effort, I’ll probably spend an hour or two just writing this somewhat short blog post.

I’m not a professional writer, I have a high school education, I often didn’t pay attention in English class, my grammar isn’t perfect but I don’t let it hold me back. Personally I feel that YOU can write about YOUR business better than anyone else can. I’m not a plumber and have no business writing an article about how to replace your toilet.

I’d also suggest to be very careful about hiring people to produce articles and content for you. I’ve seen some really bad articles that people have paid way too much for that aren’t going to help their site. Not only were they very poorly written they were also heavily plagiarized, which is something Google will notice.

Getting started is usually the hardest part for me, I often suffer from major writer’s block. Here are some types of articles that I’d suggest:

Types of Content

You can post a lot of different types of content on your blog and website, here are some of the more popular types of content used in “content marketing.” Yes blogging is content marketing.


How To type articles are effective for many businesses, just because you own a plumbing company and tell people how to put a new toilet in doesn’t mean they’re all going to run out and do it themselves. A lot of my blog posts are going to be how to type articles about online marketing, SEO, etc. and I’m not keeping any trade secrets, everything is open.

Case Studies

Case studies are great for a lot of businesses, a case study in general will tell about how you helped a client, their problem, and how you achieved the solution. Show off your results.


If you’re personable and good with a camera or have the budget to produce good videos it can be a highly effective marketing strategy. Don’t forget to post a link to your homepage or an inner page of your website to give those pages a little extra juice.


If you’re a good graphic designer or know one, well put together infographics can be a very viral and effective form of marketing. Via artwork, data and statistics you can effectively communicate your idea.

Distributing Your Blog Articles

This is where social media comes in heavily, by getting your blog post out there just a little you can really build your audience and effectively boost your search engine rankings. I’m just getting back into the swing of things and distributing my blog posts like this one is at the top of my list of things to work on. Each post you make on your blog you should also post to:

Facebook – Your profile/page and to some relative Facebook groups, the more the merrier.

Twitter – Don’t forget to tweet your post.

Google+ – Post your new blog post on Google plus.

Linked In – If you’re active on Linked In don’t forget to post it in some related groups there as well.

Email lists – If you send out a regular newsletter don’t forget to include your blog posts.

Just doing these few simple things will help initially get your content out there and give it an initial boost. If your content is appealing you might even find other people sharing it around the web.

In the future I’ll be writing more articles about blogging, how to optimize your blog posts, etc. so if you found this post helpful bookmark my blog and I’ll help you out some more in the future, plus you’ll get to watch and see the results of my efforts on my own site which right now needs some SEO help.  Now get to blogging and start getting more search engine traffic and more business.

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