We provide full maintenance services for most types of WordPress sites including theme updates, WordPress upgrades and plugin updates.

Most software upgrades are security related and a site that isn’t updated for some time can become a playground for hackers. One of the most important factors in keeping your site secure is keeping everything updated to the most recent versions.

WordPress Updates

We will update your WordPress installation to the latest software version. It’s important that you keep the software upgraded to at least the latest major version currently 4.xx. If you’re still running an older version of WordPress such as 3.5 your site can be easily compromised.

Theme Updates

Most major and many minor WordPress updates will have a coinciding theme update. If you’re using a commercial theme such as a themeforest theme on your website you might have to update your theme to the latest version in order for your site to function properly.

Plugin Updates

We can manage your plugin updates for you. Most plugins can be easily updated in the WordPress dashboard but sometimes you have to know when and when not to upgrade. For example if you have a WooCommerce site with a commercial theme, you might need to wait to update WooCommerce until a new theme update is releasedor risk breaking your site.

From Simple Installations To Complex Commercial Sites

We can upgrade most simple WordPress sites that have been maintained well in an hour or less. If you have a highly customized site or a site that’s way out of date, needs a new theme, etc. contact us for a quote.

For complex commercial sites we recommend a development version of the site on another server to test upgrades out on before pushing them to the live production site.

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